Amazon posted its largest online sales day ever on Cyber Monday and had the most market share compared with any other merchant on Black Friday. However, Amazon’s market share on Black Friday 2018 fell compared to a year earlier.

Web giant Inc. (No. 1 in the Internet Retailer 2018 Top 500) announced that Cyber Monday was its biggest shopping day in its history, with more products ordered worldwide than any other day.

Amazon also said that U.S. shoppers purchased 180 million more products during the Cyber 5 period (Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday) in 2018 compared with the 2017 Cyber 5 period.

Also, Amazon marketplace sellers increased their sales 20% year over year on Black Friday, Amazon says.

In addition to having a record-setting day on Cyber Monday, Amazon also grabbed the most online sales of any other retailer on Black Friday, at a 24.2% market share, according to Rakuten Intelligence data, which is based on email receipt data from nearly 1 million U.S. online shoppers. Rakuten data does not include sales on eBay Inc., Etsy Inc. or Amazon Fresh.

While nearly a quarter of all online sales on one of the biggest shopping days of the year translates to more than $1 billion for Amazon, this isn’t all bad news for other merchants. This 24.2% market share is a decrease from Black Friday 2017, when Amazon had 25.7% market share, according Rakuten Intelligence. Plus, Amazon’s market share on average per month in 2017 was 39%, according to Rakuten Intelligence data, so a 24% market share is much lower.


In addition to Amazon, Target Corp. (No. 17) also posted lower market share for Black Friday 2018, representing 1.7% of online sales this year compared with 3.3% last year, according to Rakuten Intelligence.

In contrast, Best Buy Co. Inc. (No. 8) and Walmart Inc. (No. 3) both increased their share of online Black Friday sales in 2018 compared with last year. grabbed 7.0% of online sales this Black Friday compared with 6.8% last year, and grabbed 4.5% of Black Friday online sales this year compared with 3.8% in 2017. Rakuten Intelligence does not yet have Cyber Monday market share data.

For the entire holiday season Nov. 1-24, has nabbed 28.1% of online sales, compared with 30.2% during this time period in 2017. In contrast, the next seven merchants have increased their market share for this time period in 2018 compared with last year.


While these top online retailers are jockeying for a position in market share, each of these merchant’s overall sales have also increased year over year, according to Rakuten Intelligence data.

Rakuten Intelligence also finds that on average shoppers spent $144.08 on Black Friday 2018, compared with $135.96 last year. In addition, Black Friday 2018 generated 19% more revenue than Black Friday 2017.


In terms of products sold on, Amazon’s own devices, such as the Fire TV and Fire 7 tablet, were among the best-selling products, according to Amazon. In fact, Amazon’s small smart speaker, the Echo Dot, was the top-selling product on Amazon globally, the web giant says.

In addition, global customers ordered more than 18 million toys and 13 million more fashion items on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018 combined compared with these two days in 2017.