Death Wish Coffee has been selling its coffee products on Amazon since 2012. Nearly half of the coffee retailer's online revenue in 2017 came from its Amazon sales.

Death Wish Coffee, the “world’s strongest coffee,” got a big boost in exposure after it won a 30-second Super Bowl advertisement from Intuit’s ‘Small Business Big Game’ competition in 2016. saw 120,000 site visits within 10 minutes of the ad airing. But its biggest booster is selling on Amazon, founder and CEO of Death Wish Mike Brown said on Tuesday during the Growing Your Sales on Amazon workshop at the 2018 Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition in Chicago.

Death Wish has been selling its coffee products on Amazon since 2012. The online coffee retailer accumulated 90% of its revenue from e-commerce sales, with 10% from wholesale. 45% of its 90% of e-commerce sales came from Amazon, Brown told Internet Retailer.

Brown’s co-presenter during the IRCE workshop Jeff Cohen, chief marketing officer at Amazon selling solutions provider Seller Labs, discussed why Death Wish has had such success selling through Amazon and why the e-commerce giant can drive even more sales for marketplace sellers. “Amazon’s position in the marketplace is changing, and it has changed the fabric of how we shop online,” Cohen said.

20,000 small and medium-sized businesses worldwide that sell on Amazon surpassed $1 million in sales using the marketplace, Amazon said.

So, how does a seller use Amazon to their advantage? Cohen revealed several ways Death Wish built its brand on Amazon despite the increasing volume of e-commerce coffee competitors such as Starbucks and Caribou Coffee. “First, you’ve got to have a product that doesn’t suck,” Cohen said with a laugh.


He went onto discuss the key things sellers must continually do to be successful on Amazon:

  • Build Amazon listings: Pay attention to the product title, product description and keywords and utilize the question-and-answer section of the product page.
  • Use videos and photos: “People buy with their eyes because they shop on their phones and they don’t want to read. Tell a story with your brand,” Cohen said. Brand photos are something Death Wish is continuing to work on, Brown added.
  • Build an audience on social media: 445,000 people like Death Wish on Facebook, 76,900 people follow the brand on Twitter and 144,000 people follow Death Wish on Instagram.
  • Blast the email list: Death Wish sends its 500,000 subscribers one email per week. “If you’re consistent with it, it grows itself after a while,” Brown said. “We try to stay up with lead-capturing campaigns and delivering more value every single time. It starts before the customer even gives me their money.”
  • Pay attention to Amazon reviews: Analyze the reviews because they are proof of the product working or not working—and if not, then sellers should refine the product, Cohen said.

Death Wish has big plans that go beyond selling on Amazon. The coffee e-retailer, which also sells its k-cups on, is in talks to sell its products through both Whole Foods and grocery retailer Safeway, Brown said. “We didn’t choose Walmart over others, the talks just happen at different times,” he added.

Additionally, DeathWish is sending its coffee to space. The retailer worked with NASA’s food scientists to develop a space-worthy coffee—a powdered version of DeathWish’s coffee that the astronauts will just add water to—on the next Space X launch, Brown said.

Amazon is No. 1 in the Internet Retailer 2018 Top 1000.