Marketplaces Etsy and eBay are generating the most Twitter callouts around Mother’s Day. Meanwhile, Rakuten Marketing projects online Mother’s Day-related spending will increase 20% in 2018.

Etsy Inc. is dominating the Twitter chatter for Mother’s Day, according to social media analytics platform Crimson Hexagon.

The Etsy Twitter handle, @Etsy, had 52,000 mentions in relation to Mother’s Day between Jan. 1 and May 1, far above the second-most mentioned brand eBay Inc. with 12,000 Twitter mentions of @eBay, followed by L’Occitane en Provence’s @LOCCITANE_UK with 10,000 mentions, according to Crimson Hexagon’s data.

When looking at Mother’s Day marketing campaigns across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and Chinese social media platform QQ—plus blogs, comments and forums—Crimson Hexagon identified five brands that had Mother’s Day-related social media marketing campaigns: L’Occitane, Boots UK (No. 98 in the Europe 500), Alex and Ani LLC (No. 262 in the Top 1000), Pandora and The Body Shop.

Of these give brands, The Body Shop dominated the content volume with 121,233 posts, which was 91% of total post volume from these brands. Pandora’s marketing posts generated 7% of the total volume while Alex and Ani, Boots UK and L’Occitane each had 1%.

In terms of online spend related to Mother’s Day, Rakuten Marketing projects Mother’s Day-related online sales will increase 20% in 2018. Rakuten bases its estimates on a sample of data taken from more than 150,000 brands and publishers that use Rakuten Marketing.


It also projects that the highest-selling day for flowers is Thursday, May 10, just three days before the holiday. For jewelry, Rakuten marketing expects the Sunday and Monday before Mother’s Day will be the peak days for online jewelry sellers, which was what happened in 2017, according to aggregated data. In 2017, online sales conversion rates peaked on May 8.

Bank loyalty technology provider Cardlytics also found that online Mother’s Day sales peaked the week before the holiday in 2017. Cardlytics collected online shopper transactions from April 13-May 25 from online retailers of gifts, flowers, candy, jewelry, greeting cards, apparel, beauty, meals out, movies and spas. Each year, Cardlytics can see transactions from 18 billion U.S. transactions from 120 million U.S. credit, debit, AHC and bill pay accounts.

On average, consumers spent $33 per online transaction and $55 in total across all online shopping trips at retailers selling Mother’s Day goods in 2017, according to Cardlytics.

When looking at the Midwest, Northeast, South and West U.S. regions, the Southern states spent the most on Mother’s Day and accounted for 38% of total Mother’s Day spend, according to Cardlytics.

Etsy is No. 22 in the Internet Retailer 2018 Top 1000, and eBay is No. 4 in the Internet Retailer 2017 Online Marketplaces database.