The results of this exclusive Internet Retailer survey show which product ads on social media networks drive consumers to click.

When asked what type of content consumers most want to see from the brands they follow, nearly half of consumers surveyed—48.4%—said that they wanted discount offers or coupons, according to an Internet Retailer survey of 1,002 online shoppers conducted by customer feedback provider Bizrate Insights. That far outpaces the percentage who want to see lifestyle images (17.0%) or blog posts (7.5%). However, when those same shoppers were asked what type of content they’d like to see from their friends and family, the vast majority, 67.2%, said they want to see images. Videos are second, at 16.4%. That suggests that if a consumer thinks of a brand as more of a friend or family than a retailer seeking to sell her something, she may be inclined to engage with its posts.

Zak Stambor contributed to this story.