The North American eCommerce agency nears 200 employees, hiring 14 in November alone.

MONTREAL, Dec. 5, 2017 – Absolunet, a North American eCommerce Agency, has nearly doubled its headcount in 1 year in order to meet demand for its eCommerce Integration services from clients on both sides of the border.

“It’s not just about creating eCommerce jobs, it’s about onboarding smart people into a company-wide culture where each of our 23 teams has ownership of a project and its business results.” says Charles Desjardins, Senior Vice President and Absolunet associate. “In a way, we become the client: their challenges are our challenges. Our recruitment team has done a great job of finding people who fit right in and who bring that extra expertise to our teams.”

The full-service eCommerce firm expects to reach 200 employees in the first quarter of 2018, with an additional 50 eCommerce resources over the next 6 months, at least half of which will be PHP and .Net developers.

“The depth of expertise here compounds every month, from strategy to integration, from marketing and personalization to margin management, B2B Buyer’s journeys and more.” adds Jason Hughes, Absolunet’s Vice President of U.S. Sales. “We have become one of the few eCommerce agencies to truly have A-to-Z expertise in-house, who are able to understand, undertake and deliver complex eCommerce integrations.”

Absolunet’s growth comes in the wake of several B2B eCommerce signings and the expansion of internal accounts.


About Absolunet
Absolunet is an eCommerce agency and integrator with 180 people obsessed with delivering results, creating ROI-producing (and award-winning) eCommerce experiences since 1999.

Known for our annual Top 10 eCommerce Trends report, we are a certified MagentoEnterprise Partneras well as being a Sitecore”Gold” partner, a InSitePlatinum partner and an inRiverPlatinum partner. Absolunet has delivered high-grossing platforms and solutions for clients in multiple sectors, including photography and imaging, utilities, sporting goods, food & beverage, lifestyle, retail, jewelry, furniture, fashion and clothing, housewares, clothing, fast-fashion, children’s products, QSR, broadcast television networks, state lotteries, lingerie and more. Visit for more information.