Consumers don’t want to wait for a website to load, and that expectation doesn’t change when they are on a mobile device.

With mobile visits to retail sites soaring 66% since 2015, mobile web speed is increasingly important; after all, as of the second quarter of 2017 mobile accounts for 54% of web visits for large retail websites, up from 33% a year earlier, according to Adobe Digital Insights.

Retailers like Pier 1 Imports Inc. are taking notice. The home furnishings retailer has a formula for how speed impacts its bottom line. It knows the number of dollars lost with every additional second it takes its e-commerce site to load beyond its average load time, says Jeff Haddox vice president of e-commerce.

While he would not reveal it to Internet Retailer, Haddox says Pier 1 has an internal equation it uses when it decides whether to add new elements to its website. For example, if someone on the marketing team wants to add a pixel…

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