New targeting capability and HubSpot integration extend company's account-based marketing offering.

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 7, 2017 — AdRoll, the performance marketing platform, today announced the general availability of its enhanced account-based marketing (ABM) advertising platform, AdRoll ABM. The full-service platform now enables marketers to target based on attributes (like job title and industry) and sync data bi-directionally with HubSpot in addition to its existing integration with Marketo.

With 10 years of experience in performance advertising and over 16,000 B2B clients, AdRoll is bringing a performance first approach to ABM. By delivering personalized ABM campaigns at scale, marketers can improve click-through rates by nearly double and improve cost-per-clicks by nearly 30 percent.1

The newly added bi-directional HubSpot Connector, and the previously available Marketo Connector, gives marketers direct access to connect AdRoll ABM with their CRM. This empowers marketers to create campaigns targeting their key accounts, personalize ads with CRM data and see the impact directly inside their CRM dashboard.

“AdRoll ABM helps to close the traditional disconnect between sales and marketing departments.” said AdRoll Chief Revenue Officer Suresh Khanna. “With robust platform integrations like Marketo and HubSpot, marketers can not only create campaigns targeting their key accounts, but can also clearly see AdRoll’s impact directly in their CRM to improve the handoff to sales.”

“By integrating more deeply with AdRoll, our partnership is empowering B2B companies to take inbound marketing a step further, revealing new insights to seamlessly access, enrich and target leads,” said HubSpot Chief Strategy Officer Brad Coffey. “Customers can now see the impact of their campaigns, with access to both platforms simultaneously.”


Also launching today, attribute targeting within AdRoll ABM allows B2B marketers to find new high-value leads by creating advertising campaigns targeting attributes such as company size, job title and vertical. AdRoll ABM also leverages the AdRoll IntentMap™, the largest independent opt-in data sets for advertisers available, with over 1.2 billion digital profiles processed daily, to help B2B marketers identify and target leads who are similar to current high-value customers.

Along with AdRoll ABM’s new extended offerings, its full-service advertising platform includes many features to maximize ROI:

  • Key account / contacts targeting — Segment campaigns by job role, industry, or other attributes such as title and location in order to personalize targeting.
  • Target account list expansion — Uncover new, in-market key accounts with the AdRoll IntentMap™ and attribute targeting
  • Personalized ad creation — Catch the attention of key contacts by dynamically populating ads with data directly from your CRM like company name, job title or industry
  • New customer extension — Drive growth by helping marketers uncover new contacts in different departments within the companies of high-value prospects.

The new AdRoll ABM platform and Hubspot Connector are available now, in addition to the already available Marketo Connector. For more information, please visit: