Internet Retailer’s first-ever research report on the e-retailing leader analyzes Amazon’s position in retail and its strategies for growth. Inc. is a company focused on the future. Driven by a goal to put the customer first, it has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to force change across the retail industry and beyond, and its willingness to tackle markets many believed were protected from Amazon’s reach. It is a powerhouse company, and retailers, no matter their product or service, must view it as formidable.

Internet Retailer’s first-ever research report focused on North America and Europe’s top online retailer reviews and analyzes key parts of Amazon’s business to provide an accurate view of its position and influence in retailing.

For instance, Amazon is now the second-largest retailer in the United States (behind Wal-Mart Stores Inc.) based on the total value of merchandise sold through its platforms, yet operates only a handful of physical stores. Within U.S. online retailing, it accounted for 45% of the industry’s 2016 sales growth, and almost 19% of total retail growth. Viewed globally, the company logs about $372 million in revenue daily, which is roughly 10 times the median annual sales of the 1,000 largest online retailers in North America.


The Amazon Report, from Internet Retailer’s research team, takes a historical view of the company’s growth and advancements, such as the role of Amazon Prime; analyzes its burgeoning marketplace platform and services arm—including AWS and Fulfillment By Amazon—and highlights key growth areas for the company in a 44-page report with more than 20 charts and data insights.

Amazon is a company on the move. Consider these recent developments:

For further data and analysis, download The Amazon Report, available as a single-copy for $249, or as part of the U.S. Reports Pro and Platinum Membership plans.