26% of consumers who have clicked on a retailer’s Facebook ads completed a purchase.

Retailers’ Facebook Inc. ads are driving consumers to buy, according to a new survey by research firm Survata on behalf of digital marketing firm CPC Strategy.

The survey of 1,500 online respondents in March found that 33.9% of consumers had clicked on a Facebook ad in the previous 30 days and 26% of those who clicked on an ad went on to make a purchase.

Moreover, 47.4% of consumers said they were introduced to a new brand or product via Facebook ads over the previous 30 days. Another 26.9% said they had prior knowledge about the brands and products they saw in ads. the remaining 25.7% said they did not see any brands or products on the social network.

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“Our research indicates that Facebook should be approached as a full-funnel sales opportunity,” says Rick Backus, CEO and co-founder of CPC Strategy. “Sales on Facebook might take some time, but if retailers approach their social advertising in a strategic way, and take advantage of retargeting opportunities, they can build their brand and use that foundation to create more sales opportunities down the line,”


The survey also explored how consumers are using Facebook Messenger, the social network’s messaging platform.

Most consumers, 82.2%, have never used the platform to communicate with a brand. Just 5.7% have used Messenger to contact customer service and only 2.5% have used it to make a purchase.

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While Messenger’s penetration is modest, Backus suggests retailers use the platform for customer service and, potentially, to test selling directly to consumers.


“Although we don’t recommend you invest too much in Messenger right now, don’t let it slip off your radar,” the report says.