SOLON, Ohio – Feb. 1, 2017 – 1EDISource has introduced IntelligentXchange, a cloud-based solution that breaks down complex EDI data into usable insights in order to help suppliers and retailers achieve new levels of operational efficiency. By improving supply chain control and visibility, the platform promotes strong relationships between vendors and their trading partners and helps users take corrective action to reduce – or even eliminate – costly chargebacks.

Studies have shown that data penalties can add up to almost 2 percent of a company’s revenue, a substantial amount of lost income for businesses that see millions of dollars in annual transaction volume. IntelligentXchange speaks the same language as its users, adding a layer of transparency to the EDI process and helping companies save money on the back end by catching data issues before they become expensive problems.

“Chargebacks are a very frequent occurrence in consumer packaged goods and manufacturing, and the amount of time it takes IT departments to research fixes can become so protracted that many suppliers have come to see these penalties as just another cost of doing business,” said Amanda Biddlestone, director of marketing, 1EDISource. “IntelligentXchange helps minimize the time users spend researching EDI issues by analyzing the raw data and presenting it in a way that makes it easy for companies to see where cost-saving adjustments can be made.”

IntelligentXchange can be deployed with any EDI translator in less than 2 weeks without costly implementation costs, remapping or conversions. The solution is designed to drive improved operational efficiency for compliance, customer service, finance and information technology teams by reducing research time and alerting them to potential problems with invoices, advanced shipment notices (ASNs), purchase orders (POs) and other common order-to-cash transactions.

The new platform enables users to proactively identify and resolve data issues, warning business units ahead of time about changes in pricing and payment terms and generating immediate alerts in the event of missing or late ASNs. Other features include sharing functionality that allows customer service and accounts receivable representatives to send documents to vendors and customers without involving IT departments; a built-in EDI Reader tool, which creates comprehensible and printable versions of common EDI documents; and automatic detection of broken syntax, pricing discrepancies and other common supply chain issues.


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