Retailers can highlight buyable pins in a new Shop slot within Pinterest’s revamped business pages.

Pinterest Inc. keeps trotting out new ways that retailers can entice consumers to buy online.

The social network today rolled out revamped business pages that enable a retailer to showcase up to five boards at the top of its Pinterest profile, as well as let a merchant highlight its buyable pins—the platform’s e-commerce enabled pins that allow a consumer to make a purchase on Pinterest—in the new Shop slot within the pages.

“You get to decide how you introduce yourself, and how you shape the story of your business,” writes Adam Barton, a Pinterest product manager in a blog post.

Retailers can change the boards they highlight as often as they want, which means they can use them to showcase what’s in season, what’s on sale or any feature that makes sense for its business.

The revamped business pages have a consistent look across the web and Pinterest’s apps. That means that the boards a retailer showcases and the cover images it chooses for each board will appear the same no matter how a consumer views the brand’s profile.


Today’s move by Pinterest is the latest in a series of moves by the platform to remake itself into an e-commerce platform and attract more advertisers’ dollars. For instance, in June it launched Shopping with Pinterest, a number of commerce and visual search products that let consumers shop for multiple items across multiple merchants on Pinterest and across the web. And in August it rolled out its latest slew of advertising tools, which enable retailers to target consumers who have interacted with the merchant’s pins, as well as letting merchants target shoppers who have taken specific actions on their websites.