Seattle based e-tailer invests in photo technology from Dutch startup to rapidly scale up the amount of products offered in their daily online deals.

Following its $2.4 billion USD buyout by QVC, the billion dollar e-commerce outlet shoots and uploads thousands of products each day from its 5 story Seattle HQ.

“A brand new website every single morning” in the words of Erin Cuvreau, Product Studio Manager at zulily, the company’s strong sales growth has enabled them to invest more heavily in content production.

Zulily chose Dutch start-up StyleShoots’ unique solution in order to minimize costs while increasing their production output up to nearly 9,000 new products each day.

StyleShoots designs and produces a range of patented all-in-one photography machines that replace conventional digital photo studios. Lighting and camera are controlled by an iPad, while the machine exports a backgroundless web-ready image in seconds.

The technology has seen widespread adoption since its introduction in 2011, with customers ranging from smaller online stores to international e-commerce outlets.


“We might have been shooting between 80-90 shots a day on our traditional kids garment set and with StyleShoots, we’ve been able to style upwards of it’s been incredible in terms of production” said Sam Hunt, Lead Photographer at zulily.

“Previously to StyleShoots we had come as close as we possibly could to a high production set, but that kind of pales in comparison to the StyleShoots machine” adds Jason Gruenig, VP of Studio at zulily.

“Our photography tech was designed to solve exactly these kinds of challenges facing e- tailers in how quickly they can get products in front of customers. There’s simply nothing else on the market that offers the speed and simplicity of a StyleShoots machine” said Anders Jorgensen, Head of Product & Marketing at StyleShoots.

As online retail sales continue to exceed expectations, zulily’s investment signals a focus on getting high quantities of quality products in front of their members as they push to be the most loved online shopping destination for America’s moms.


About zulily

Zulily is an American e-commerce company with a business model revolving around daily deals and offers. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, zulily sells clothing, toys, and home products. The company was started in 2009 by Blue Nile executives Mark Vadon and Darrell Cavens. Its initial public offering valued the company at $2.4 billion and is now owned by parent company QVC. Obsessed with bringing moms and tech-savvy women special finds every day – all at incredible prices – zulily is a fast-paced, data-driven and down to earth company with unique and challenging technological problems to solve.

About StyleShoots

StyleShoots was founded to simplify one of the most critical parts of fashion e-commerce – product photography. StyleShoots designs and manufactures all-in-one photo machines for fashion. In 2011 the company’s first product StyleShoots Horizontal revolutionized flat photography. In 2013 StyleShoots Vertical brought the same ease of use to mannequin photography. StyleShoots’ products are the result of Dutch engineering, Danish design philosophy and a fascination with sleek, useful technology. Fashion brands and online retailers around the world use StyleShoots as their in-house photo equipment, including Macy’s, Marks & Spencer, Zalando, Triumph, Toys”R”Us, Gerry Weber and Woolworths.