Bizrate Insights, a division of marketing solutions firm Connexity, today launched a new Abandonment Survey platform that now can recognize when a consumer is about to leave a retail website and triggers an invitation that gives retailers an opportunity to offer help and save the sale.

LOS ANGELES (June7, 2016) The new platform can identify the point of abandonment automatically and connect the stage at which a customer leaves the site with the reasons why they leave and what is needed to get them back to complete the sale.

“The new survey platform allows us to easily uncover hidden obstacles to purchase and suggest solutions to close the sale and reduce future abandonment. It enables multiple invitation points and flexibility for how and when retailers deliver Bizrate survey invitations. Retailers can choose to trigger surveys based on factors such as the percent of the page scrolled, specific pages visited, or even a custom identifier they define such as visitor demographics,” says Hayley Silver Vice President, Bizrate Insights. “Furthermore, the enhanced platform allows for a rotation between a survey and other messaging, such as a special promotional offer or newsletter sign-up.”

Bizrate Insights’ omni-device buyer and abandonment surveys enlighten 6,000+ retailers in North America and Europe about the consumer experience shopping on their site and their competitors’ sites.

“The more completely retailers can understand when, where and why shoppers abandon their carts, the better chance they have to save the sale,” says Sucharita Mulpuru, Vice President, Principal Analyst at Forrester. “A platform that will be able to shine a light on the drivers of abandonment is invaluable.”

Bizrate Insights abandonment studies suggest that about 15% of abandoners come to an online store with the intent to buy, but then leave. The rest of shoppers may just be casually browsing or are further down the funnel, preparing for a future purchase. When looking at abandoners who came with an intent to buy, Bizrate identified key differences in their reasons for leaving depending on where in the funnel they abandoned-visit, cart or checkout.


“Beyond gathering shopper insights, participating retailers may choose to alternate between the survey and a custom offer, such as a coupon, to boost sales. For instance, retailers can target offers to select customers based on their cart value, improving conversion rates and raising their average order value,” says Ms Silver. “Additionally, abandoners can request retailer follow up via phone or email, and even suggest a time to connect.”

Among the many key enhancements to the Abandonment Survey platform:

Retailers can learn in near-real time:

  • Why shoppers visited
  • Success metrics in meeting shoppers’ needs
  • Reason for abandonment
  • What shoppers need in order to complete a purchase
  • Future purchase intent (buy online, in store, or with a competitor).

The new survey invitation option does not interrupt the shopping experience and can appear only when the shopper’s cursor crosses the threshold to enter a different URL or close out of the window/tab, or it can be persistent at the edge of the page. Retailers control who to invite, setting parameters such as:

  • Time on page
  • Time on site
  • Number of page views
  • Frequency of visit
  • Items removed from cart

Reporting will now also be available in near-real-time in VitalSigns, Bizrate Insights’ 24/7 online reporting tool. The new reports are based on improved questions that focus on what shoppers need to complete their purchase, and also include Net Loyalty ratings, demographics, comments, filters and more.

Beyond providing reports for standard and custom site abandonment survey questions, Bizrate will include additional analytical and customer support services.

  • Path to purchase tracking – keeps track of the pages someone visits prior to purchase
  • Items placed in cart – tracks products each shopper views and if they were placed in their cart
  • Save the Sale – ability to immediately contact customers to help resolve issues and complete the sale

Bizrate Insights’ omni-device buyer and abandonment surveys enlighten 6,000+ retailers in North America and Europe about the consumer experience buying from their site and their competitors’ sites. Bizrate Insights, a division of Connexity, enables retailers of all sizes to collect consumer ratings and reviews for free, and offers paid subscriptions for customized surveys and advanced reporting.

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Digital marketing company Connexity uses the world’s largest sample of Internet behavior, with an emphasis on ecommerce, to help brands and performance marketers find and target the most promising audiences on any device with programmatically available data and media. Its Bizrate Insights division helps retailers keep and grow their customer base by providing direct buyer feedback that can improve customer relationships and their online store experience. Connexity’s Hitwise combines user behavior with offline lifestyle and life stage information to help companies build and optimize their online multichannel marketing campaigns.


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