Consumers use their Apple Watches most often to monitor their health and fitness, according to an online survey of 2,578 U.S. adults conducted by marketing technology vendor Fluent LLC in April 2016.

56% of Apple Watch owners in the survey say they use their device primarily for tracking health and fitness. Shopping was the second most popular primary activity (17%), followed by email and chat (12%), gaming (7%), listening to music (5%), for notifications (2%) and maps and directions (1%).

Of the survey respondents, about 8%, or 197 consumers, say they own an Apple Watch. Another 8% also say they own a smartwatch other than an Apple Watch. Other smartwatches owned by those polled include wearables that run Google Inc.’s Android Wear software, such as Motorola Mobility LLC’s Moto 360, Tag Heuer’s Connected and LG Electronics’ Watch Urbane. Also popular are Pebble smartwatches, which are compatible with both Android smartphones and iPhones.

Apple Inc. began taking orders for its smartwatch on April 10, 2015, and Apple officially released the product on April 24. A year later, consumers can purchase the smartwatch in 12,000 locations and in 48 countries, and use more than 13,000 apps on their watch. Recently, Apple cut the price of its cheapest Apple Watch to $299 from $349.

79% of Apple Watch owners use their watch for health and fitness monitoring, 79% for notifications, 75% to listen to music, 66% for email and chat, 63% to play games, 61% to make purchases with Apple Pay and 61% for maps and directions. Consumers could pick more than one response.


8% of survey respondents say they definitely will purchase an Apple Watch in the next year and 11% probably will. Among Apple Watch owners, 47% definitely will purchase an Apple Watch in the next year, and 23% probably will.

Out of all the consumers surveyed, 46% say the reason they would not purchase an Apple Watch is because it’s expensive. 26% say it’s not useful, 11% are waiting for a better version, 9% say it’s ugly, 5% say the features are duplicated by their smartphone and 2% say because the watch requires a smartphone. Numbers do not add up to 100% because of rounding.

Less than half of survey respondents, 47%, say that the Apple Watch is a successful product. However, among Apple Watch owners 77% say the device is a success.



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