Avon and Fire Mountain Gems break into the top 10 list of most engaging e-retailers ranked by analytics company SimilarWeb.

Display ad traffic helped propel Avon Products Inc. into the top 10 most engaging desktop sites, driving more visitors to Avon.com, where they stayed an average of 10 minutes, 12 seconds, according to web analytics company SimilarWeb, which each month ranks U.S. e-retailers with the longest visitor time on site through desktop visits, mobile visits and apps.

In February the top five desktop performers maintained the same rank: Peapod, No. 69 in the Internet Retailer 2015 Top 500 Guide, was followed by JTV (No. 220), FreshDirect (No. 83), Amway (No. 29) and VistaPrint (No. 35). Visitor time on site declined slightly for all with the exception of grocery delivery site FreshDirect, which improved its visitor duration.

Apparel and accessories retailer Forever 21 (No. 306) was the biggest winner, SimilarWeb says, as it jumped three places ahead in the ranking for customer engagement by adding 28 seconds to its desktop visit duration. https://www.similarweb.com/blog/infographic-the-state-of-online-retail-2016

Rent the Runway (No. 282) and Fingerhut (No. 60) were pushed out of the top 10 and replaced by cosmetics retailer Avon (No. 65) and craft supplier Fire Mountain Gems (No. 547). SimilarWeb digital insights manager Pavel Tuchinsky attributes Avon’s movement to a rise in display ad traffic that attracted more visitors who then stayed longer on the site.

Mobile visit duration also shifted its rank by moving web and TV jeweler JTV.com from second place to first. The jewelry site added more than a minute to its mobile visitor duration and averaged 10 minutes and 58 seconds per visit with 11.91 pages searched.


Newcomers to the mobile top 10 include home goods e-retailer Lakeside Collection (No. 126), Orchard Brands’ Blair.com (N. 114) and apparel e-retailer Jimmy Jazz (No. 403), all of which demonstrated “a successful transition to mobile shopping through a range of impressive online strategies,” says Tuchinsky. They replaced Yoox (No. 211), Zulily (No. 39) and Dollskill (No. 440) on the top 10 list.

Lakeside offers easy mobile navigation and checkout process and Blair moved its online focus to clothing. Jimmy Jazz aims to keep online visitors engaged for longer with its blog about urban culture and ties to its social media presence. Jimmyjazz.com has 90,000 followers on Instagram.

Here are the rankings from SimilarWeb: