Lingerie e-retailer Adore Me is giving its app install marketing campaign some sex appeal.

The retailer is running app install ads on Google search results on smartphones targeting consumers whose search terms include lingerie, bra, push-up bra, corset and Valentine’s Day. If a consumer types any of those words into Google while using a smartphone, an advertisement to download Adore Me’s app will show up. If the shopper clicks on it, she is redirected to Google Play or Apple’s App Store to download the app.

And Adore Me is scoring big. Since launching the campaign in November 2015, Adore Me has garnered tens of thousands of downloads from this Google search results campaign, says Chloé Chanudet, vice president of marketing at Adore Me. Plus, the consumers who have downloaded the app from search results have a four times higher conversion rate in app than the average purchase rate on Adore Me’s other commerce channels, such as mobile web and desktop, Chanudet says.

Adore Me wanted to focus on its app since app sales are growing faster than sales on its mobile site and desktop site. Over the last four months, in-app sales have increased 30%, Chanudet says. Between both iOS and Android, Adore Me has more than 500,000 downloads, she says.

Adore Me only pays Google for the search results ad when a consumer downloads the app directly after clicking on the ad. In the first quarter of 2016, Adore Me will spend more on the marketing campaign than on all of its advertising efforts in 2014, Chanudet says. Chanudet declined to say how much Adore Me spent on this campaign. As long as the consumers who download the app off of search results continue to convert to customers, Adore Me is planning on doubling its search spend month over month, she says.


“As long as we hit our customer acquisition, we are happy to spend $1 million a month on this campaign,” Chanudet says.

Chanudet says the app install campaign in Google search results is 60% cheaper than a similar campaign would be on Facebook. Plus, she considers it more effective because in search results Chanudet can target consumers who are searching for lingerie, while on Facebook consumers are not necessarily looking to shop. Plus, while on Facebook Adore Me can target by audience, such as women who are 18-34, but if the e-retailer wants to target only consumers within that demographic who have shopped online within the last three months the social campaign becomes significantly more expensive, Chanudet says.

“Our app promotion ads on Google Search and Play enable retailers like Adore Me to connect with shoppers in the moments when they’re searching for relevant products—not just when they fit a certain demographic,” says Anthony Chavez, Google product management director for mobile ads. “Search is performing well for developers, we’ve seen that these intent-driven installs are leading to much more engaged and valuable users.” Chavez declined to give any more specifics.

It took Adore Me and Google about three weeks to get the search campaign up, Chanudet says.

In the app, 80% of the Adore Me customers are VIP customers, meaning they have signed up for Adore Me’s lingerie subscription program, and 20% of customers purchase products one at a time. This is similar to the customer breakdown online and on the mobile web.


The smartphone app accounts for about 20% of Adore Me’s total sales, tablet purchases 5%, desktop 15% and the mobile website is 60%. Chanudet attribute’s Adore Me’s strong mobile customer base to a young target audiences (Millennials, or consumers ages 18-34) and Adore Me’s mobile marketing campaigns.

When Adore Me first launched three years ago, it focused its advertisements, such as banner ads and social ads, on mobile devices those were cheaper than desktop ads, Chanudet says. As the e-retailer’s mobile customer base began to grow, it’s stuck with this method. Most of Adore Me’s user experience team and IT resources are now focused on mobile. TV commercials, for example, promote the app, as the commercials show images of the website displayed on a smartphone including images of the Adore Me app icon.