Trident Brand gum today launched a mobile campaign that it hopes will stick with consumers.

Shoppers who share data from health-related wearables and smartphones can receive coupons for Trident gum and other offers they can redeem at Kum & Go convenience stores. Kum & Go operates more than 400 stores in 11 mostly Plains states, from Arkansas to Montana.

The campaign, coined C.H.E.W. (Change Health Every Week), allows shoppers to share their data, including activity, sleep and food details from their choice of wearable device (such as a Jawbone or Fitbit), smartphone, or activity app, in exchange for coupons in convenience store Kum & Go’s mobile app.

Trident Brand, which is owned by Mondelz International, is working with mobile couponing platform, Koupon Media and Strap to execute the campaign within the Kum & Go app. Strap uses human data intelligence, essentially tracking consumer actions to help brands better understand consumer behavior and thus market to them. Strap seeks to go beyond demographics and online and purchase behavior to give insight into actions consumers take in their daily lives.

Shoppers can opt into the C.H.E.W. campaign within the Kum & Go mobile app. The Strap platform will then trigger Koupon Media to send an offer inside the app when an individual user reaches pre-fixed thresholds. For example, when a user reaches 10,000 steps, it will send an offer for a free pack of Trident gum.


The C.H.E.W. campaign is snacking giant Mondelz International’s first campaign using wearable technology. Mondelz International is working with Strap through Mondelz International’s Shopper Futures program, a competition which pairs startups with Mondelz-owned global brands such as Trident, Oreo and Nabisco for 90-day marketing and promotional campaign pilots in retail locations.

“Shopper Futures allows us to collaborate with some of the brightest minds in mobile technology and tackle pressing retail issues and the increasingly complex path to purchase, ultimately shaping the future of retail, in-store and online,” says Kim Yansen, director, field shopper marketing, Mondelz.

In addition to rewarding consumers for reaching fitness goals, Kum & Go, through its app, can use a consumer’s health and activity data to offer other alluring deals, says Charlie Lang, vice president of product at Koupon Media.

“The Trident campaign allows us to target Kum & Go offers using an entirely new set of data,” Lang said. “Not only can we reward shoppers for physical activity, but we can deliver offers that complement a customer’s food choices or sleep habits. A rough night of sleep, measured through a fitness tracker, could lead to an offer for a cup of coffee the next morning.”

New research suggests it takes work and perhaps rewards to keep consumers engaged with apps.


According to Adobe’s Digital Index for August 2015, “Mobile Benchmark Report” a shopping app is typically opened 13.5 times over the course of two and a half years before a consumer abandons it. Finance apps fare a little bit better, with 17.2 app opens over the course of two and a half years.

What’s more, 26.7% of consumers will abandon a shopping app after one use and 25.2% will forget about a finance app after using it just once, the report finds. The data from the second quarter of 2015 is based on Adobe aggregated consumer data from more than 65 billion app launches across industries and regions, and website visitor behavior from more than 500 billion visits to more than 13,000 websites.

“Having the ability to send real-time notifications based on fitness activity and other data will help us increase engagement in our mobile app and make our messages more relevant to customers living a balanced lifestyle,” says Mike Templeton, digital marketing manager at Kum & Go.

Koupon Media says it works with more than 40,000 retail stores on in-store offers.

“Through campaigns like C.H.E.W. we’re able to help brands and retailers reach a new level of personalization,” said Steve Caldwell, co-founder and CEO of Strap. “At Strap we see a future where you get offers for low calorie foods when you’re a few calories away from your goal, or discounts on coffee drinks the morning after you pulled an all-nighter. This campaign is our first step towards being able to personalize consumer experiences with human data intelligence.”


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