Today, for the first time, Internet Retailer launches a premium membership to its global e-commerce database website, Subscribers receive many perks including exclusive access to in-depth data and analysis on the leaders in online retail.

In mature markets there is little growth, innovation or room for creative newcomers. That certainly does not describe online retailing.

North America’s Top 1000 retailers by online sales, which collectively account for about 90% of e-retail purchases in the United States and Canada, are growing far faster than total retail sales. Web sales of the Top 1000 increased 15.7% to $302.56 billion up from $261.47 billion in 2013. That’s slightly higher than the 15.4% growth in 2014 online sales, according to the U.S. Commerce Department.

And proof of the ongoing innovation is that the growth is not concentrated among the biggest e-retailers. In fact, when breaking down the growth rates by groups of 100—1-100, 101-200, 201-300, etc.—it turns out the fastest-growing segment were the retailers ranked 301-400 in the Top 500, a group that increased its online sales by 18.5% in 2014 over 2013. The second fastest-growing segment were the retailers ranked 801-900 in the Second 500, which grew 15.9% year over year.

Data like that is easier to find today, now that Internet Retailer has launched for the first time a premium membership to its database, giving subscribers access to rankings, financial and operating data, company profiles, and executive contact info on all of America’s 1,000 largest e-retailers. Previously, Internet Retailer offered that data in two separate subscriptions, one for the Top 500 and another for the Second 500. Obtaining data about the 1,000 leading online retailers in North America required searching in each database and then combining the results. Now a subscriber can do that analysis with a single search of the Top 1000 database.

Included in the Premium Membership is:

  • Access to 265,000 total facts, with 265 complete metrics per ranked Top 1,000 e-retailer.
  • Four quarterly e-retail research reports, each of which are sold separately to non-premium members for $89.
  • A downloadable briefing that provides an in-depth analysis of the growth, trends, and leaders in the American e-retailing market that will be made available only to Top 1,000 Premium Members.
  • The names and corporate contact information on 3,561 leading e-commerce executives.
  • An index of 1,773 e-commerce applications and services providers
  • Dashboard access and email delivery of the weekly Top 500 Insider e-newsletter.

“This is the first in a series of products to come from Internet Retailer that deliver to the online retail community not only access to exclusive e-commerce data, but also in-depth analysis and premium reports written by our staff of researchers and experts,” says CEO Molly Love. “Internet Retailer is committed to helping our readers understand what the numbers mean for their business.”

One of the big stories of the 2015 Top 1000 is the number of fast-growing newcomers that are moving up the ranking. Often they have attracted investor funding and are offering their own products, like office supplies e-retailer Poppin, or innovative services, like Blue Apron Inc., No. 318 in the Top 1000, that delivers to consumers’ homes the ingredients for three dinners, ready to cook, for however many people the consumer chooses.

Not that the big players are losing much ground. Inc., No. 1 in the Top 1000, increased its year-over-year web sales by 17.1% in 2014 over 2013 (after stripping out non-retail revenue from its Amazon Web Services cloud computing division.) And Wal-Mart Stores Inc., No. 3 and one of many big retail chains investing heavily in cross-channel features like buy online for in-store pickup and in-store ordering from web inventory, grew 21.0%. But the data from the Top 1000 shows there are plenty of fast-growing small retailers—mainly web-only players selling items consumers are not likely to find at Amazon or Wal-Mart.

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