Mobile commerce transactions now account for 30% of all e-commerce transactions, according to online marketing company’s Criteo “State of Mobile Commerce” Q2 2015 report.

The study is based on shopping data from 1.4 billion transactions, totaling more than $160 billion of annual sales.

The fashion and luxury and travel categories are leading the way, as one out of every three transactions in these categories are conducted on a mobile device.

Companies looking to boost their conversion rates should focus on optimizing their site for mobile devices. Mobile optimized sites have a 3.4% conversion rate compared to 1.6% for non-optimized sites. For a business that has an optimized site, 31% of its e-commerce transactions are mobile, compared to 22% for non-optimized sites, a 41% difference.

Besides optimization, having a mobile app could lead to higher mobile revenue for businesses, especially in the retail and travel categories, according to the report. In retail, consumers using an app convert three times more often than those using a mobile browser, and in travel, consumers convert two times more in an app than on a mobile browser. For retailers with more than 25% of e-commerce transactions on a mobile device, apps generate 47% of all mobile revenue on average.


Other findings in the report include:

  • Consumers use multiple devices in shopping and researching for 40% of e-commerce transactions
  • 54% of mobile transactions in the United States stem from smartphones; 46% stem from tablets
  • 66% of smartphone transactions in the United States came from an iPhone, up from 61% last quarter

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