Mobile Bridge launched a privacy suite for beacons which allows customers increased control over data privacy.

February 27, 2015–European based Mobile Bridge launches its Privacy suite for Beacon mobile marketing, aims to increase the bond and trust between brands and customers.

Building on its leading enterprise mobile engagement CRM cloud (MCC) platform that allows brands and marketer to (within a few hours) turn their existing (or new) apps into an engagement platform by creating and sustaining data and location driven direct mobile customer interaction and automated engagement, the suite provides a set of new features, which allows marketers and brands to alleviate the privacy concerns of their customers as well as to pre-conform with the ever-growing privacy regulation legislation movements.

The Suite’s features allow customer to control their data at a hair thin level, both on a data type level as well as on data dates and other parameters.

The level and depth of data control and how its presented to the end user stays in the hand of the brand and marketer and may be dynamically changed or geo dependent. For example, a brand may decide to conform to the incoming legislation in a certain country or perhaps decide that from a certain date their privacy controls will change.

This increased level of customer data privacy control increases the trust and loyalty of customers and makes privacy-weary customers much more open to sharing data, allowing a truly personalized interaction between the brands and their mobile customers.


“Our platform already helps brands make the most out of every mobile customer interaction, personalizing the user’s experience and enhancing existing CRM and loyalty ecosystems on mobiles,” says Mobile Bridge CEO Eyal Oster. “This new privacy suite can be an invaluable tool for any brand or marketer looking to build real customer relationships and loyalty,” he adds.

By applying the new Mobile Bridge suite to the iBeacon marketing sphere, he explains, individuals and businesses can utilize every corner of the technology to ensure that only the most relevant native content is delivered to the right customer.

“While personalized engagement with customers is a great thing, and while Beacon deployments are rapidly growing, many customers are worried about their privacy, not sure how their data is handled and by whom. Allowing users to have effective control of their data increases their trust and actually makes them much more open to sharing it,” says Oster.

Utilizing a technology that requires very little technical knowledge to set up, clients of the Mobile Bridge platform can also integrate the marketing solution into existing or new CRM system, loyalty program and e-commerce platforms to effectively expand their customer engagement.


Within the platform, marketers can create, manage and automate cross-channel, automated app customer interaction, which are not only personalized, but also location and behavior aware.
With this level of privacy control combined with iBeacon technology, marketers using Mobile Bridge are able to engage with their consumers anywhere, anytime, combining the offline experience in the store with other channels such as web, social, and digital media.

As mobile phones continue to become an integral part of our everyday lives, smartphone-produced location data is quickly becoming an essential dataset to any brand’s marketing strategy. According to Forbes, 53% of consumers are willing to share their current location to receive more relevant advertising with 57% of consumers more likely to engage with location-based advertising.

The application of this technology to a brand’s marketing strategy will become more important as iBeacon continues to shape the future of mobile shopping.

“By leveraging iBeacon power through apps powered by Mobile Bridge, marketers now have the right tools to deliver relevant, one on one content to even the most privacy-concerned customers that will result in real trust and bonds,” says Oster.
Already applied by clients across numerous industries, including Retail, CPG, travel, and automotive, the Mobile Bridge marketing platform is set to reshape how marketers and brands approach personalized customer engagement through emerging technologies.


Founded in 2012, Mobile Bridge is an enterprise mobile engagement CRM cloud platform for location aware mobile customer journeys and marketing automation, mobile customer relationship management, mobile promotion & loyalty and analytics. Mobile Bridge technologies can be added to existing or new mobile apps with little programming skills with full cross platform support including native iOS, Android, HTML5 and PhoneGap and integrate with any CRM, loyalty program, ecommerce backend, supply chain, point of sale system (POS) and social media, instantly creating a powerful, personalized mobile communication channel. Mobile Bridge licenses their platform through partners and VAR’s including Digitas, Deloitte, R/GA, Luxus and others to be used by mainly enterprise clients.
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