Clavis eCommerce Insight for Mobile provides online store audit and analytics for mobile web sites and mobile apps.

Boston, MA, and London, UK February 17, 2015— Clavis Insight, the leader in online retail store analytics for Fast Moving Consumer Goods/Consumer Packaged Goods (FMCG/CPG) manufacturers, today announced the launch of Clavis eCommerce Insight for Mobile, the first mobile commerce analytics solution for the consumer and packaged goods industry.

Clavis eCommerce Insight for Mobile provides manufacturers with intelligence and analysis about how their brands are represented in mobile channels. The solution analyzes ‘what the consumer sees’ on leading retailers’ mobile web sites and mobile apps based on standard key performance indicators such as product portfolio offered, where the product is placed on a page and the impact of content used. The insights enable brands to optimize channel distribution, content integrity and online presentation.

Clavis eCommerce Insight now provides analysis for the full range of digital commerce platforms including desktop, mobile websites and mobile apps.

“Mobile commerce represents an ever increasing percentage of digital sales, accounting for some 22% of Cyber Monday 2014 online sales alone,” says Supriya Chaudhury, CMO, Clavis Insight, “Clavis has extended its online store analytics platform to monitor mobile web and mobile shopping apps, as CPG/FMCG brand marketers need to understand what their consumers see across all eCommerce platforms – desktop, mobile web and mobile app.”

Consumer behavior and the shopper journey differ on different digital channels. Accordingly, brands need to know how to optimize their product representation for each distinct channel.


For example, Chaudhury says, CPG/FMCG brands need to place a greater focus on Search when considering the mobile shopper as these users tend to not drill down deep into search results or menus. Also, with a lesser canvas on mobile, shorter product names and use of images that create impact when smaller should be used as they have demonstrated better performance.

Clavis Insight monitors the top online consumer goods stores in more than 25 Major markets around the world including US, Canada, UK, China, France, Netherlands, Germany, Brazil, Australia, Japan and India. The stores covered in the service include 100s of global retailers such as,, and dozens of additional eCommerce sites in the US, and its five biggest online rivals in the UK, and many more online stores in China.

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Clavis Insight is a technology leader at the forefront of the consumer packaged goods/fast moving consumer goods (CPG/FMCG) eCommerce revolution. We deliver eCommerce insights and online retail store analytics to food and beverage, personal care, baby care, pet care, and household products manufacturers and brand owners. Nine out of 10 of the world’s largest CPG/FMCG manufacturers, including Nestle, Procter & Gamble, Unilever and Kimberly Clark use Clavis Insight to analyze their products’ placement, portfolio and content integrity across leading online stores, mobile websites and mobile shopping apps. The analysis enables them to optimize their digital channel distribution, content and presentment, in order to protect their brands and grow online and offline sales.