That’s because 56% of those buying from B2B e-commerce sites frequently use mobile phones to view those sites.

It isn’t enough for manufacturers and other business-to-business companies to sell online anymore—they also need to be mobile-friendly, according to a new survey by Demand Gen Report

The B2B research firm’s survey of 105 buyers of B2B products and services finds that 85% of respondents say they require content on B2B sites to be optimized for mobile devices, up from 69% a year earlier.

Mobile is increasingly important for B2B sites because a lot of buyers use mobile devices to access B2B sites’ content: 56% of respondents say they frequently use mobile phones to access such content, up from 43% a year earlier, and 42% often use tablets, up from 31%.

“Marketers need to continue their efforts in adapting their content toward the mobile audience,” the report says. “This audience continues to increase at a rate where it is likely that mobile-optimized content will become not only a major priority, but the major priority for content marketers.”

B2B buyers also say less is more: 95% of respondents say they prefer short, easily digestible content, such as infographics, rather than longer-form pieces such as white papers and webinars. That may be a reflection of 72% of respondents saying they less time to devote to reading and research.


The report also finds that B2B buyers are heavily influenced by their peers. Asked to rank the channels that influence their purchasing decisions, peer referrals was the top-ranked channel, followed by web search, industry publications and LinkedIn.

While peers influence buyers’ purchases, most respondents begin their purchasing research with a web search. Here are channels where buyers say they start their research (respondents could select more than one response):

  • General web search, 61%
  • Vendor web sites, 41%
  • Industry guides or reports, 10%
  • B2B news or media sites, 8%
  • Social media, 2%

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