A year after launching its Evernote Market in the U.S., the company debuts a similar e-commerce site in China.

Note-taking software maker Evernote Corp. this week extended its online Evernote Market, which sells tangible products like backpacks and stationery, to China, a year after launching a similar shopping site in the United States. These products are now available on the company’s Chinese web site Yinxiang.com.

“Evernote can help users manage things more elegantly. The same thing applies to the physical world and the physical product experiences we build,” Evernote vice president of design Jeff Zwerner said at a launching ceremony in Shanghai.

The Chinese online store will provide localized inventory and customer support, Evernote says. Initially it offers 27 products, most of them priced at more than $200.   

Of the company’s 100 million customers around the world, 11 million are in China, Evernote says. The company offers some free services in China and charges for more advanced features, such as online storage of documents.

Founded in 2007, Evernote is based in Redwood City, CA.