The musical instruments seller implements Knotice’s personalization platform.

In order to provide more personalized e-mail messages and web site content to customers, musical instrument manufacturer Fender Musical Instruments Corp. has begun using a combined data collection, management and messaging platform from vendor Knotice Ltd. The technology allows Fender to track a shopper’s actions across multiple devices and online channels, such as its e-commerce site and mobile app. The platform uses that information to customize the content it serves shoppers in each location.

“We’re now able to connect with our audience on a deeper level for a more personalized experience with the Fender brand across e-mail, mobile, web and even display,” says Michael Spandau, Fender’s chief information officer. “By having that complete view of our customer across channels and device types, we are able to execute our marketing strategies more effectively.”

Knotice can tailor messages to a specific customer across channels and devices because its platform generates a universal profile for each customer using the shopper’s e-mail address, web cookies and phone number, which it connects together. The platform automatically collects data, segments it using the customer profiles and acts as a retailer’s e-mail service provider, sending out messages on its behalf, Knotice says. It can also use social log-in data collected by other companies, such as Gigya Inc., to add additional information to the universal profiles, the company says, though it doesn’t create personalized content to post on social media.

Fender will use the data to personalize the e-mails, text messages, display ads and content it presents consumers both when shoppers are on a PC and mobile devices. Rather than sending general e-mail blasts, for example, it can send messages to smaller niches of customers that prefer particular Fender brands.

Additionally, Fender can display personalized content, including special offers and images, for web site visitors based on their past browsing activity. “So if someone is a banjo aficionado, or if they’re really interested in electric ukuleles, the web site or landing page content can reflect those unique passions,” Patti Renner, director of marketing at Knotice.


Knotice is a cloud-hosted platform, meaning Fender staffers can access its e-mail, reporting and campaign management tools from anywhere by logging into a web portal. The price varies according to how much data a retailer uses, the vendor says.

Fender is beginning to use the platform now while Knotice continues to set up and adjust it to the retailer’s needs, Renner says. The process will be complete in a few months.