Buyvite Group Pay is a hybrid payment platform that includes social media integration, mobile alerts and a Patent Pending API.

Toledo, OH September 21, 2012- Buyvite Group Pay, ( a social payment startup based in Toledo announced today it has an agreement in place with payment processing provider End-to-End (E2E) Payments of Lombard, Illinois. E2E is officially announcing the agreement to offer Buyvite as one of their payment products that also includes a suite of traditional credit card products, virtual terminals, mobile payment solutions, swipe terminals and electronic billing.

Buyvite Group Pay is a hybrid payment platform that includes social media integration, mobile alerts and a Patent Pending API. The Buyvite application allows friends and family to easily pay each other or pay together on any retail ecommerce site that integrates their API as a payment option. Buyvite is currently positioned as both a consumer facing product and an enterprise solution for banks, retail, event ticketing, travel and non-profit customers looking to offer a social payment solution directly on their websites. Payment processing providers can also leverage Buyvite as a payment product that can easily integrate with any of their ecommerce customers looking for a social payment solution.

The “Buyvite Button” can easily embed   on any product page, just like a social media button, and allows people to split the cost of things like event tickets, gifts, travel expenses, tournament fees and even nonprofit donations.

E2E President Brad Bialas says the decision to offer Buyvite as a new payment product was driven by his company’s goal of offering new and progressive payment products that align with social media and mobile payments. “I’ve been working as an advisor for Buyvite Group Pay since it was founded last year. The product’s team has really taken it to a place that is solid and market ready and we’re pleased to start offering Buyvite as a way for our customers to leverage the power of social commerce directly on their websites. There are not really any other payment products that integrate social and payments the way that Buyvite does. Offering the ability for friends and family to group pay together is a new and innovative way that combines social media with conventional point of sale payment options.”

Buyvite Group Pay is also set to go live on version 1.5 of their software within the next few weeks which includes a UI redesign and additional product features for users and partners. Company founder Brandy Alexander-Wimberly explains, “Our user base is growing and our transactions have varied from people group paying for fantasy football leagues to donations, gifts, event tickets and travel expenses. This is what we built our platform to do and now that we can see the analytics of the application’s use it’s time to expand and grow our partner and consumer base. We feel our product offers a very unique way for our partners to take social commerce a step further by offering social payments.”


About Buyvite: Buyvite Group Pay was founded in 2011 and launched to the public in May 2012. For more information about our company please contact us at 866-943-2590 or

About E2E Payments:

e2e (End-To-End) Payments is a technology driven company that analyses the way an organization handles their Billing and Accounts Receivable processes. We have over 20+ years of experience dealing with industries of all sizes to help them to reduce their costs and enhance the way they do business.