Coldwater Creek, Title Nine, Home Decorators And Others On Your iPad’s Coffee Table

(San Francisco – November 4, 2011) – Coffee Table, a catalog aggregator app for iPad, is changing the face of marketing and mobile shopping by partnering with top retailers. Coffee Table is launching its version 2.0 product today, featuring 30+ catalogs, exclusive promotions, and the most secure app checkout experience.

By offering a concierge service to its partner retailers, Coffee Table “delivers” catalogs directly to consumer’s iPads, where shoppers can browse products seamlessly, both online and offline, and subscribe to their favorite retailers. Coffee Table also offers the only available in-app checkout system among mobile devices; instead of navigating numerous systems through retail websites, consumers enjoy simplified purchasing with one consolidated shopping cart, allowing the retailers to maintain the online relationship with consumers and providing consumers safety and ease in the payment process. Lastly, Coffee Table automatically incorporates promotions offered by the retailer as well as exclusive sales, so shoppers don’t have to enter coupon codes to receive the best value.

“Coffee Table is unlike any other catalog app. Think of us as a concierge service – bringing your favorite products from top retailers directly to you,” says Coffee Table CEO Ben Choi. “It’s a beautiful, convenient, and secure experience for shoppers, and is driving incremental revenue and ROI for our retail partners.”

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About Coffee Table


Coffee Table is the brainchild of e-tailing pioneers Chris Friedland and David Berman. Friedland and Berman are founders of, a $300 million ecommerce business. The two experienced e-tailing entrepreneurs believe that the visually rich, interactive experience of Coffee Table on the iPad creates a unique opportunity for catalog retailers to transform leisure time to an inspirational shopping experience. CEO Ben Choi is Venture Partner at Maveron LLC, and is a seasoned mobile executive, formerly at Greystripe (acquired by ValueClick) and at Yahoo.

Coffee Table
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What is Coffee Table?

It’s a free app that turns an iPad®  into a virtual shopping mall, allowing shoppers to browse through all their favorite catalogs, anywhere, anytime. And with the click of a button, shoppers can purchase from a variety of retailers in a single, convenient shopping cart. It’s an exciting new way for consumers to browse, shop and purchase from leading retailers.


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How does Coffee Table work?

After downloading the FREE app from the App Store, shoppers find their favorite retailers and subscribe to receive catalogs for free. Then, Coffee Table delivers each new issue automatically to their iPads. Customers receive alerts when new issues are available to browse, so they’re always aware of retailers’ newest products and latest deals.

What’s different about Coffee Table?

It is the only app where shoppers can purchase from catalogs in the app itself – no redirects to external websites, phone numbers, or anywhere else! Customers can browse catalogs both online and offline, and easily (and securely) make purchases on the spot with a single shopping cart.


Plus, retailers have the ability to run one-of-a-kind deals and flash sales with push notifications only available on Coffee Table. Since purchases are made in the app, shoppers don’t have to worry about remembering to apply discounts; no coupon codes, no hassle.

Why should consumers shop on Coffee Table?

It’s an exciting new way for consumers to browse, shop and purchase from their favorite retailers – all using a single, secure account on their iPad. In addition to enjoying the latest products from America’s best retailers, Coffee Table shoppers will have access to exclusive deals and sweepstakes, and purchase the items they want in just a few taps of their iPad screen – a much quicker, easier shopping process than any other app.

Plus, Coffee Table places a premium on customer service. Customer security and privacy is ensured in the in-app checkout process, with all data encrypted and stored in the USA. Plus, Coffee Table’s phone and email customer service lines ensure that someone from the Coffee Table team is there to answer any questions that come up before, during, or after checkout.

Why should retailers participate in Coffee Table?


Simple: Coffee Table turns window shopping into purchasing. But there are plenty of other great reasons to be excited about being featured on Coffee Table. It’s a completely different distribution channel, allowing existing catalogs to be delivered in a new, interactive way.

Build stronger customer relationships by reaching them in a new, innovative medium:

* Digital catalog offers low-cost distribution

* Purchase cycle is faster than traditional printed catalog

* Drives more traffic to your e-commerce site


* Provides data reports with customer info to track purchases in real-time

* It’s easy – simple three-step process to join:

1. Send catalog PDF and an Excel® file containing product specs and policies.
2. Select a contact person in your retail call center.
3. A catalog will be up and running in 72 hours, with customers ready to shop.

What is different about Coffee Table’s version 2.0 app?

Coffee Table is adding additional features to make the app easier to use and better than ever. Check out what’s new:


* Instant Catalog Browsing – Tap a catalog and browse immediately, in high-resolution! No more waiting for catalogs to download.

* Bigger Catalog Library – Discover all new catalogs from our growing list of brands. We’re adding more of your favorite retailers every day!

* Customized Subscriptions – All your favorite catalogs delivered to your iPad, with your personalized subscription list.

* Exclusive Promotions – Get Coffee Table-Only deals automatically when you check out. No coupon codes, no hassle.