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Google, Amazon fined by French data watchdog

The companies were given a three-month ultimatum to make changes to the information they provide to users or will face additional daily fines of $121,166.

Amazon hit by EU complaint, faces new probe over sales

The European Commission said it suspects Amazon violated antitrust rules over its use of non-public business data from independent sellers on its marketplace that could benefit the company’s own retail arm. The EU regulator will also probe how Amazon chooses products for a prominent “buy box” and whether Amazon pushes retailers to use its own logistics and delivery services.

A repeal of Section 230 could create big changes for online retailers—or not

It's impossible to predict how ecommerce merchants and social media would respond to a repeal of Section 230, which protects them from liability for things posted by website users. But the consequences of such a drastic policy change could be significant.

Google antitrust case by US sets the stage for multi-pronged attack

Google, which controls about 90% of the online search market in the U.S., is the “unchallenged gateway” to the internet and engaged in a variety of anticompetitive practices to maintain and extend its monopoly, the government said in a complaint filed Tuesday in Washington.

Amazon tries to make the climate its prime directive

Amazon last year committed to zeroing out its carbon footprint by 2040, or eliminating the greenhouse gas emissions caused by its activities. The challenge is daunting and Amazon concedes there isn’t a clear path to that zero-carbon goal today.

Trump says ByteDance can’t keep control of TikTok in Oracle deal

ByteDance was pressured into a deal for TikTok in August, when Trump threatened to ban the app in the U.S. over national security concerns about the service’s data gathering. After Microsoft Corp. made a proposal for a full buyout, ByteDance instead turned to Oracle’s offering, in which the Chinese parent will maintain a solid majority stake.

Why retailers can’t count on antitrust action slowing down Amazon

Despite Amazon’s dominance of online retailing, the prevailing interpretation of U.S. antitrust law makes it hard to win a case against the ecommerce giant, experts say. But with an election coming up and heavy scrutiny of big tech companies, there is a chance things could change.

Big tech’s antitrust hearing: what you need to know

Unlike previous hearings, most of the politicians came armed with tough, focused questions, backed up by a mountain of subpoenaed documents and other information gathered in a yearlong investigation for Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple.