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Google antitrust road map heads to DOJ

The department’s antitrust division and state attorneys general have been investigating the company since last year over its conduct in the digital advertising market.

CCPA isn’t about privacy, it’s about trust

The California Consumer Privacy Act, which took effect Jan. 1, represents the most far-reaching U.S. law giving consumers rights to know what companies know about them. Here are some tips on how retailers can avoid missteps in complying with this important new legislation.

Google ends third-party cookies in ad-tracking

Even after cookies are gone, targeted advertising won’t go away completely. Google has proposed changes that would allow tracking to continue without passing personal information back to advertisers.

Retailers that handle consumer data feel the pressure of CCPA

A wave of startups, law firms and consultants are looking to take advantage of businesses' anxiety—and to capture some of the $55 billion that companies are expected to spend on initial compliance with the law.

California Consumer Privacy Act takes effect

California’s law gives people the right to learn what personal data companies have collected and for them to request those companies refrain from selling that information.