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2021 online retail predictions

Retailers can expect fresh opportunities and challenges, technological advancements and possible consolidation in 2021, the Digital Commerce 360 staff says. Shopping patterns are unlikely to return to the 'normal' of late 2019.

Weber Logistics targets ecommerce-backed growth

Weber Logistics, a third-party logistics company with a strong focus on clients involved in ecommerce, is planning to grow its services with new funding from Stellex Capital Management, an investment firm specializing in logistics and transportation businesses. The companies did not disclose the terms of the deal.

B2B Next report: Measuring the elusive ROI for digital sales

It’s crucial to measure the many performance metrics in B2B ecommerce and figure them into a company’s return-on-investment formula, Unilever’s global ecommerce director Marta Dalton said in a presentation Tuesday during B2B Next 2020.

COVID-19 strategy: Use the power of your CPG digital sell sheet

Just as LinkedIn replaced the traditional resume, digital versions of the traditional sell sheet can break out as an effective way for consumer packaged goods suppliers to attract buyers, writes Brandon Leong of RangeMe, a provider of an internet-based sourcing platform.