In this new edition of Strategy Insights—Fulfillment Shipping & Delivery Trends, our editors delve into the current trends and strategies in shipping and delivery, exploring the use of robots in warehouses, the offering of free shipping to shoppers, and the outsourcing of fulfillment operations to social media platforms, e-commerce platform providers, or companies like Amazon.
Digital Commerce 360’s June Strategy Insights serves as a guide to the newest fulfillment and delivery trends.
It features 11 different retailers and their strategies for addressing business challenges and improving customer outcomes. The report focuses on the intersection of technology, strategic thinking, and real-world business challenges commonly faced by all merchants.
The report includes the following articles written by Digital Commerce editors:
  • Where the Robot Dollars are Going
  • What Retailers Weigh as they Invest in Robotics
  • What Retailers Can Do When Default Free Shipping Isn’t an Option

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