Some facets of ecommerce are just… difficult. Merchants looking to focus on selling products end up having to navigate unforeseen challenges, including how to remit sales tax to more than 12,000 jurisdictions, how to adapt well-established marketing practices to follow new changes from Google and Apple or how to ensure your business practices are profitable.

The October edition of Strategy Insights “Conquering Digital Retail’s Highest Hurdles” explores common ecommerce obstacles and how to overcome them.

The report features the following articles written by Digital Commerce 360 editors:    

  • In “The barely bearable burdens of online sales tax,” e-retailers share the obstacles they face to properly remit sales tax to more than 12,000 jurisdictions.
  •   “How retailers are fulfilling orders and protecting their bottom lines” features insights on how retailers can improve efficiency to reduce shipping costs.
  • In both “How Apple is complicating the lives of digital marketers in 2021” and “The cookie apocalypse?” readers learn about the current and upcoming policy changes for Google’s Chrome browser and Apple’s operation systems, what these changes mean for digital marketers and how retailers are preparing for these big disruptions. 
  • “In pursuit of maximum returns” features interviews with four retailers on how they are squeezing the most profit out of their marketing dollars.
  • “Amazon under the antitrust microscope” digs into the multiple antitrust investigations for Amazon and what it could mean for the marketplace giant.

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