Despite inflation and ongoing supply chain disruption, total B2B sales grew in double digits through the first three quarters—but B2B ecommerce grew slightly faster.

The first three quarters of the year have come and gone for B2B buyers and sellers. And if the first nine months of 2022 indicate how distributor ecommerce will fare for the rest of the year and into 2023, it will be steady to strong but not blockbuster.

To truly follow the B2B ecommerce game, you need a score card. This new quarterly market report is the solution.

Learn what’s driving growth online in B2B ecommerce and what digital market trends B2B buyers and sellers should pay heed to in Digital Commerce 360’s 2022 B2B Ecommerce Quarterly Market Report. This report looks at how U.S total B2B sales—including breakouts for manufacturing and distribution—fared in Q3 and year-to-date.

Explore a case study on W.W. Grainger’s surge to $276 million in web sales, 4 data-packed charts, and details on how B2B digital commerce grew on key channels like ecommerce sites and apps, e-procurement, and marketplaces.

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