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Omaha Steaks manufactures, markets and distributes steaks, red meats and other gourmet foods. The company, which has more than 1,800 employees, has made several recent efforts to remain competitive. In late 2016, the company introduced a “build-your-own” meal option that allows customers to choose a main dish, side dishes, and desserts, from a collection of Omaha Steaks products. In November 2015 the retailer added a line of grass-fed beef and expanded its protein selection to include turkey and bison. In October 2015 it introduced several new appetizers, including ground beef sliders, bite-size crab cakes and split baby back pork ribs, and a gourmet condiment set as part of its “homegating” menu.


11030 O St., Omaha NE 68137

Parent Company

Omaha Steaks International Inc.

Merchant Type

Catalog/Call Center

Merchandise Category


Year Launched: 1995

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