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Nike is making progress toward its goal of becoming a $7 billion e-commerce player by 2020, as it reported a 46% year-over-year increase in online sales for its fiscal second quarter of 2017. The Q2 gain follows a 49% increase in Nike’s first fiscal quarter. In 2015, Nike unveiled an ambitious plan to grow its e-commerce business. It rolled out a number of initiatives in 2016 to get there, including a much-touted mobile app, expanding online into new foreign markets, and omnichannel strategies aimed at connecting in-store and online shopping so customers can view all available Nike products. For Nike to achieve its goal, it will have to grow at roughly 46.7% per year for the next four years.


1 Bowerman Drive, Beaverton OR 97005

Parent Company

Nike Inc.

Merchant Type

Consumer Brand Manufacturer

Merchandise Category


Year Launched: 1999

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