Companies / Foot Locker opens new digitally focused store with Nike app integration

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Foot Locker’s direct-to-customer business—which primarily is e-commerce—drove $698 million in sales for the first three quarters of 2016. That’s roughly a 7% increase from $650 million in the same period of the prior year. According to Foot Locker, the increase was a result primarily of continued growth of e-commerce sales associated with and its other primary websites, both domestically and internationally. This was partially offset by declines in its Eastbay, Runners Point, and Sidestep e-commerce businesses. The retailer said profits for the direct-to-consumer segment dropped in 2016 due to higher marketing costs and promotional activity in its domestic e-commerce business.


112 W. 34th St., New York NY 10120

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Foot Locker Inc.

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Retail Chain

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Year Launched: 2000

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