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Online jewelry retailer Blue Nile Inc. agreed to be acquired for $500 million in cash by a group led by venture capital firm Bain Capital and hedge fund Bow Street LLC in November 2016. The investor group planned to pay $40.75 per share to acquire Blue Nile. The deal, which closed in early 2017, made the publicly traded company private. Blue Nile, which started out as an online-only retailer, has been making an omnichannel push over the past year and a half. The retailer opened its first physical showroom at the Roosevelt Field mall on Long Island in June 2015. Since then, Blue Nile has added three more showrooms.


411 1st Ave. South, Suite 700, Seattle WA 98104

Parent Company

Blue Nile Inc.

Merchant Type

Web Only

Merchandise Category


Year Launched: 1999

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