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46 out of 100

AmeriMark Direct, a multichannel retailer of women’s apparel and accessories, operates eight catalogs and three e-commerce sites. Visitors to its flagship site,, can peruse a range of brand names and merchandise, including cosmetics and fragrances, jewelry, shoes, As Seen on TV items, pet products, and ladies apparel. Shoppers can sort their searches by category, subcategory, size, color, price range and whether an item is on clearance. Brands sold include Anthony Richards, Healthy Living and the Windsor Collection. Shoppers can request to receive up to two free catalogs. AmeriMark offers standalone e-commerce sites for its Time for Me and FeelGood Store brands.


6864 Engle Road , Cleveland OH 44130

Parent Company

AmeriMark Holdings LLC

Merchant Type

Catalog/Call Center

Merchandise Category


Year Launched: 2000

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