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In January 2016, Adidas AG appointed Kasper Rorsted as CEO to succeed Herbert Hainer and charged the head of Dial soap maker Henkel AG & Co. with restoring growth to the German sportswear company. Rorsted joined the Adidas board in August 2016 and took over as CEO two months later. The new CEO faces the tough task of reviving growth at Adidas, which has been losing ground to industry leader Nike and newer competitors like Under Armour. Rorsted’s tech-industry experience may serve him well as the company seeks to quadruple e-commerce sales by 2020 and invests in robot-equipped factories to bring some production back to Europe from Asia and eventually into stores.


5055 N. Greeley Ave., Portland OR 97217

Parent Company

adidas AG

Merchant Type

Consumer Brand Manufacturer

Merchandise Category


Year Launched: 2006

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