It’s never been harder for an online retailer to garner attention as the largest players in e-commerce are gaining market share and marketing costs are rising. That’s why it has never been more important for online merchants to leverage the channels that deliver the best return on their investment and to ensure that they are offering their shoppers the best digital experience on all devices.

This webinar will explore where and how retailers are allocating their digital marketing budgets, as well as how online retailers can ensure that every channel achieves the highest possible ROI by focusing on their website and mobile application performance and experience as a part of their overall marketing strategy.

We’ll show you the:

  • Digital marketing channels retailers are focusing on this year and next year
  • Tactics retailers are using to drive sales
  • Critical website performance metrics you need to benchmark before a campaign starts
  • Often overlooked reasons your campaigns aren’t performing
  • How major retailers  are focusing on their digital experience to beat the competition and drive increased revenue



Zak Stambor, Editor Online Marketing, Internet Retailer

Gabriel Coelho-Kostolny, Director of Product Marketing, Instart

Gabriel leads product marketing at Instart; previously he was the head of performance technology at Instart where he helped ecommerce brands improve the performance and security of their websites and mobile applications resulting in increased online conversions and revenue.

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