The pandemic accelerated ecommerce growth and there’s no going back. 86% of marketing leaders believe digital commerce will be the most important sales channel within the next two years, Gartner reported.

Ecommerce leaders need a clear maturity roadmap to stay ahead of the competition, add differentiating value for customers, and improve commerce KPIs.

Join Lucidworks GM of Commerce in this webinar to learn about:

  • Emerging trends and disruptors that will shape the 2022 ecommerce landscape
  • Short-term strategies for mitigating supply chain issues and long-term strategies for sustaining ecommerce growth and customer loyalty
  • Integrating product availability, shopper preferences, and customer support to drive omnichannel profitability
  • Overcoming limitations of monolithic legacy platforms


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Peter Curran, General Manager of Digital Commerce, Lucidworks

Peter Curran is the General Manager of Digital Commerce at Lucidworks, the Connected Experience Cloud provider. Curran is responsible for product development, go-to-market strategy, and operational excellence for all Lucidworks use cases involving product discovery. He has over two decades of experience in search, content management, and ecommerce in both B2B and B2C companies, ranging from smaller digitally native businesses to some of the world’s iconic brands. Peter was the co-founder and CEO of Cirrus10 before the company was acquired by Lucidworks in 2020 and is based in Seattle, Washington. In his spare time he enjoys goat rodeos, bigfoot spotting, and debating whether or not a taco is a sandwich.

Tom Duggan, VP of Business Development, Digital Commerce 360

As Vice President, Tom leads the DC 360 sales and business development team working with our technology partners on sponsorship and custom research projects that incorporate our media products to deliver integrated marketing and research programs. Tom has been the Vice President with Digital Commerce 360, publisher of Internet Retailer, since 2013 and was on the original team that launched Internet Retailer in 1999. Tom has 25+ years experience in media focused on ecommerce and technology trends.

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