Chargebacks are evolving, but is the situation getting better? What’s changed for merchants over the last few months? And what new threats they are seeing just over the horizon?

Based on the upcoming Chargeback Field Report 2022, this free webinar offers a realistic look at the current state of chargebacks. See what over 400 merchants are saying about the problems they’re dealing with now, and what they’re doing to protect their future revenue. Topics covered include:

  1. Rising fraud threats: Where and how merchants are getting hit
  2. Ongoing shifts in consumer shopping behaviors
  3. How technology is changing fraud and fraud-fighting


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Jarrod Wright

David Pirtle

Lauren Freedman

About Our Speakers

Jarrod WrightVP of MarketingChargebacks911

Jarrod Wright is the Vice President of Marketing at Chargebacks911 and a creative nerd at heart. His wide range of talents are most heavily focused in the tactical challenges of social, SEO, and content marketing.

David PirtleVP of Enterprise EngagementChargebacks911

David Pirtle is the Vice President of Enterprise Engagement at Chargebacks911. Since joining the team in 2015, he has cultivated numerous relationships with merchants, successfully helping them fight chargebacks and recover lost revenue.

Lauren FreedmanSenior Consumer Insights AnalystDigital Commerce 360

An ecommerce pioneer with 25 years of retail consulting experience, Lauren Freedman is the senior consumer insights analyst at Digital Commerce 360. She is responsible for both B2C and B2B buyer insights, research initiatives and reports and delivers her point of view through editorial pieces. She has long supported top B2B practitioners and B2C retailers, having piloted the first online mystery shopping survey, which provided data for 20 years to retailers and established metrics for the industry at large. She has been a frequent industy speaker and is the author of “It’s Just Shopping.”

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