Direct-to-consumer selling can be a game-changer for your consumer brand products. Selling D2C helps you diversify by providing an additional revenue stream that’s independent from fluctuations that can occur when selling B2B to retailers or distributors. With a strong product and marketing plan, your D2C sales can help you take market share from competitors and drive rapid growth. It also allows you to collect invaluable data on what consumers want, which can help you design better products.

If you’re ready to add a D2C business model, your first impulse may be to buy a new commerce software package and run it alongside your existing B2B site. But this approach can add operational complexity—and related costs—over time. The same holds true if you’re a digitally native consumer brand already selling D2C and ready to sell to other retailers or distributors through B2B digital commerce.

Using a single platform for both B2B and D2C selling has several advantages, including these:

  • Faster time to market—no need to purchase, deploy, and train teams on a new solution
  • Lower costs and technical complexity— no managing multiple solutions or integrations with business systems
  • Simplified staffing and resourcing—a single team can work across all eCommerce projects
  • Consistent experiences across sites and audiences—the same teams, templates, and assets can be easily shared across sites
  • Holistic picture of your digital performance—unified reporting and analysis means no piecing together data from multiple solutions

This panel will discuss the advantages and long-term value of using one commerce solution for both B2B and D2C business models.


Paul Demery, Editor, Digital Commerce 360

Paul Demery is editor of Digital Commerce 360 | B2B News. He has covered ecommerce and supply chain technology and strategies since the late 1990s. Before joining Digital Commerce 360, he served as editor-in-chief/associate publisher of Electronic Commerce World magazine, which covered business-to-business commerce applications of internet technology by various industries. In earlier work, he covered economic and general news for other magazines and newspapers.

Kathy Ury, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Commerce, Adobe

Kathy is a seasoned PaaS and SaaS revenue marketer for startups, mid-sized and global enterprise businesses including VISA, HP, and security software providers. She focuses on product marketing and go-to-market strategies for the Magento Digital Commerce product line of Adobe, with particular focus on customer and market insights and the B2C market.

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