With expanding access to technology and efficiencies connecting consumers with products delivered sometimes within hours, e-commerce has traditionally been a recession-proof industry. But after years of continuous growth capped by a Covid-fueled acceleration, signs suggest that many businesses will find themselves seeing red when the 2022 books are closed.

Meanwhile, 2023 will present the industry with many of the same challenges it faced in 2022, including: political instability, the return of offline shopping, supply chain disruptions and economic concerns. So what can we learn from 2022 to help better prepare for the year ahead?

Join Grips and a panel of experts to look at the e-commerce performance of 2022 and discuss what 2023 has in store. Tune in to our webinar to see how your e-commerce business can:

  • Dig into the consumer trends that defined 2022 and their impact on e-commerce
  • Highlight category leaders and KPIs to benchmark against
  • Identify evolving categories and product trends to stay relevant
  • Understand marketing channels that will help drive transactions and revenue


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