One thing for certain in B2B digital commerce is that change is constant – and the race to win over bigger numbers of digital-first business buyers and make them into loyal online buyers is won hands down every time by organizations that embrace speed, agility with a flexible ecommerce technology base and business strategy.   In this online seminar attendees will hear from top B2B ecommerce business and technology leaders on the following topics and more:

  • Adopting scalable ecommerce technology infrastructures that are nimble, agile, and solves big problems, like easily supporting multiple business models
  • Providing digital business buyers, the Amazon-like user experience they expect
  • How to contemplate marketplace approaches after battling channel conflict for many years
  • Creating ecommerce opportunities that leverage a modern commerce technology stack
  • Providing stakeholders with online tools that they need to execute complex business transactions easier and faster

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Michael Scholz

Mark Brohan

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