The Seventh Edition of Forter’s Fraud Attack Index exposes current fraud patterns along a variety of industries in an effort to help merchants better understand the current e-commerce climate, the methods by which fraudsters are attacking, and to help businesses prepare for fraud and forms of abuse they may be likely to encounter in the coming months and year. With Forter’s over $140 billion in processed e-commerce transactions, this edition of the Fraud Attack Index encapsulates the most extensive research ever conducted in this field.

Interested in learning how your industry may be impacted and which fraud attack methods are on the rise?

Join Forter Team Lead of Core Analytics Gal Sahar and Forter Content Marketing Manager Becca Gomby, to discuss some of the report’s highlights. In this webinar you will:

1. Learn about the industries hit hardest by fraud this year
2. Understand the rising sophistication in fraudster methods of attack and how to better protect your business against them
3. Explore the new norms in customer experience offerings and how fraudsters are finding new avenues for fraud 


April Berthene, Senior Editor, Internet Retailer

Gal Sahar, Director of Analytic Solutions, Forter

Gal Sahar joined Forter 5 years ago, and is Forter’s R&D Center Director of Analytic Solutions. Gal leads Forter’s Dynamic Precision Efforts – tracking & analyzing fraud trends, overseeing in-depth research design, ideation processes, and solution design and implementations. His expertise aids in the tailoring of future facing solutions, bridging short term needs with long term goals. Prior to joining Forter, Gal was a lawyer with Orna Lin & Co., specializing in Labor law.

Becca Gomby, Content Marketing Manager, Forter

Becca Gomby joined Forter nearly 2 years ago, and is Forter’s Content Marketing Manager. Becca leads Forter’s Content Team, authoring many of Forter’s white papers and supporting demand generation efforts as well as product marketing needs. Prior to joining Forter, Becca was a Risk Analyst, working in the fintech space. Before her move to Israel, she served as a Security and Risk Expert in government and NGO contracted security roles, specializing in sub-Saharan Africa and Central Asia.


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