Like it or not, Amazon Business is a force to contend with in B2B ecommerce, with some analysts projecting its online sales will hit $20 billion next year. As it moved into B2B ecommerce, Amazon brought many of the convenience features it pioneered in online retailing, including free and fast shipping, website personalization and expansive product selections. That’s forcing all manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors to raise their ecommerce game. This webinar will provide insights into how and whether to sell on Amazon Business, how companies can improve their own business-facing web and mobile sites, why they need to integrate them with back-end business software, how companies must operate more integrated supply chains to have the right products customers want and the best practices required to compete in the increasingly competitive arena of B2B ecommerce.





Mark Brohan, Director B2B Ecommerce Research, B2BecNews

Mark Brohan is director of B2B research for Vertical Web Media and author of its upcoming research report, “The Manufacturing 300.” Previously he was vice president of research for Internet Retailer and editor of Internet Retailer’s Top 500 Guide and related research publications. Prior to re-joining Internet Retailer in 2005, Mark was managing director of The Brohan Group, a full-service business publishing consulting company. He also held leadership positions in print and web product business development for Faulkner & Gray, a subsidiary of Thomson Corp., as web publisher and editorial director for DM Review magazine and its two web sites, and as founding editor of Faulkner & Gray technology magazines including Internet Retailer.

Jeff McRitchie, VP of Ecommerce / Co-Founder, MyBinding.com

Jeff McRitchie is the VP of Ecommerce and co-founder of MyBinding.com.  Founded in 2003, MyBinding is a niche office products retailer based in Hillsboro Oregon specializing in binding and laminating equipment and supplies.  The company is known for its innovative marketing techniques and unique blend of B2B and B2C e-commerce.  Jeff manages a medium size global ecommerce team and is a frequent speaker on topics related to online retail, technology selection, SEO, marketing automation and selling on Amazon.


Asad Ahmed, Ecommerce Principal Sales Consultant, NetSuite

Asad Ahmed is a Principal Sales Consultant for Ecommerce at Oracle NetSuite. Located in New York City, Asad has spent more than 15 years with ecommerce and has been involved in over 1000 ecommerce implementations. With more than 5 years of experience at NetSuite, Asad has in-depth functional knowledge of how ecommerce can impact and needs to interact with other enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM, Order Management, Marketing, Analytics and BI. Prior to joining NetSuite, Asad was a Senior Sales Engineer at Thomas Publishing, a data, platform and technology company for the industrial marketplace.

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