Retail executives and vendors alike are discovering that shoppers are increasingly gravitating toward businesses with a purpose and even demanding accountability on issues like environmental impact. In response to the consumer cry and in an effort to lower fulfillment costs, retailers are investing in sustainability in a number of ways: pledging to reduce their carbon footprint, minimizing bulky packaging that limits how many boxes can fit in a truck, and other eco-friendly fulfillment practices like order batching delivery or incentivizing five-day shipping over speedier, expensive delivery during checkout. In this panel, merchants will share their experiences launching innovative initiatives on this front and discuss the resulting benefits of increased brand loyalty and cutting into costly fulfillment expenses.


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Madeline Rotman, Head of Sustainability, Imperfect Foods

Madeline Rotman is the Head of Sustainability for Imperfect Foods where she focuses on reducing waste across the company’s operational practices and the food supply system at large. With over 10 years of experience in the grocery sector, Madeline has championed food access and the need to build more equitable regenerative food systems. At Imperfect Foods, Madeline is able to engage her passions and expertise as she focuses on increasing food security for communities across the country while working towards a minimized carbon footprint and unique sourcing model.

Daniela Perlmutter, SVP Marketing, Bringg

Daniela is the senior vice president of Marketing at Bringg, the leading cloud platform for last mile delivery and fulfillment. She has 15+ years of experience leading global marketing for multibillion dollar Tech companies and SaaS start-ups. She joined Bringg after leading the go-to-market strategy and marketing for B2B companies across Cybersecurity, Telecom, and IoT. Daniela is a mentor at the Intel Ignite accelerator program for startups, a graduate of a joint program with Wharton Business School, and holds an MBA and BA from Tel Aviv University.

Jessica Young, Research Analyst, Digital Commerce 360

Jessica Young is the senior research analyst and business reporter at Digital Commerce 360, where she oversees data collection methodology and the mining of data to identify trends in the ecommerce industry. She also covers the release of U.S. Department of Commerce retail figures and writes in-depth strategy articles on a variety of topics–including holiday shopping and personalization–for the news website and magazine. Jessica has a Bachelor and Master of Science from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

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In this panel, merchants will share their experiences launching innovative initiatives on eco-friendly fulfillment practices.

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