Manufacturers come in all shapes and sizes—from multibillion dollar conglomerates that sell globally to smaller product makers that develop and sell just a handful of items. But as corporate buyers become more digital in how they purchase goods and services for their respective organizations, they want more ecommerce—and not less—from the manufacturers they do business with.


That means that manufacturers at all levels have a compelling need to get online with their first B2B ecommerce site or to take their existing ecommerce operation and strategy to the next level. But what sales, marketing, customer service, technology and business strategies for ecommerce work best? What doesn’t work at all? How fast are manufacturers growing online overall and by range of ecommerce as a percentage of annual sales.


In this webinar, the editors of B2BecNews will present original research and analysis from the newly published Manufacturing 300 that summarizes ecommerce growth trends overall, in key verticals and by size of annual web sales.


Next, webinar attendees will learn tips, best practices and other takeaways from product makers ranked in the Manufacturing 300 and hear from one highly successful manufacturer on how it’s growing online, the challenges the company is overcoming to get there and the strategic importance ecommerce is creating across the enterprise.

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Paul Demery, Editor, B2BecNews

Mark Brohan, Director B2B Ecommerce Research, B2BecNews

Mark Brohan is director of B2B research for Vertical Web Media and author of its upcoming research report, “The Manufacturing 300.” Previously he was vice president of research for Internet Retailer and editor of Internet Retailer’s Top 500 Guide and related research publications. Prior to re-joining Internet Retailer in 2005, Mark was managing director of The Brohan Group, a full-service business publishing consulting company. He also held leadership positions in print and web product business development for Faulkner & Gray, a subsidiary of Thomson Corp., as web publisher and editorial director for DM Review magazine and its two web sites, and as founding editor of Faulkner & Gray technology magazines including Internet Retailer.

Lisa Butters, General Manager, GoDirect™ Trade Honeywell Aerospace

Lisa Butters is the general manager for the GoDirect Trade Greenhouse business, a “garage-style” start-up organization within Honeywell’s four walls. She has more than 15 years of experience in multiple functions across Honeywell Aerospace. She began her technology career as a teenager in web development and database programming. Through the years, she has developed her craft with a focus on the user experience. Lisa is a recipient of the Honeywell CEO Award and was the first recipient of the Honeywell Aerospace Navigator Award.

Nate Barad, Product Marketer & Strategist, Episerver

Nate Barad is a vital force in evolving the world’s leading brands in the digital realm. He has lived and worked internationally, playing a lead role in building online businesses for Major League Baseball, Autotrader, ING Direct Paris, and Bank of England.   After years of successful client work, he now leads product strategy and marketing organizations for B2B software software companies.  His deep expertise in the practical execution of producing customer experiences that build revenue are reflected in his current role at Episerver.

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