Holding your consumer’s attention has never been harder than it is today. The key to establishing loyalty and holding attention starts with a customer-centric approach delivered through personalized experiences, but staying within GDPR compliance makes it even harder. In every moment, your consumers shift their preferences… one minute shopping for their kids, to the next minute shifting to buying presents for mom, to then shifting once again to buy a household item. So, how do you truly know who your customer is and what they want in that moment, especially in a post-GDPR world?

In this webinar, we’ll explore:

  • Why customer centricity starts with personalization
  • Why behavioral signals matter more than segmentation– especially in a post-GDPR world
  • How to deliver personalized experiences at scale with machine learning
  • Why augmented intelligence is the best of the human and machine partnership

Join renowned digital anthropologist, analyst and author Brian Solis and LiftIgniter CEO, Jon Shalowitz as we explore the modern customer journey and what it means to enterprise executives pursuing digital transformation strategies.


Brian Solis - Principal Analyst & Futurist - Altimeter, a Prophet Company

Jon Shalowitz - CEO, LiftIgniter

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