Most businesses know that personalizing digital experiences is important. However, by 2025, 80% of marketers who have invested in personalization will abandon their efforts due to lack of ROI, the perils of customer data management or both. Personalization isn’t easy, and many businesses employ generic and labor-intensive rules that don’t deliver the experiences buyers expect.

In this webinar, Ciro Greco, Director of Artificial Intelligence at Coveo, and Ali Hanyaloglu, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, will talk about the challenges companies are facing with personalization today, and explore ways that they can be successful in not only overcoming these challenges, but winning against their competitors.

Delivering on your customers’ expectations for effortless and personalized buying experiences is a complex endeavour – join the webinar as our speakers explain why and cover:

  • Why personalization is so hard to get right
  • Why we should think of a more meaningful way of conceiving personalization at scale
  • Real examples of what actually works



Ali Hanyaloglu, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Coveo

Ciro Greco, Director, Artificial Intelligence, Coveo

Jessica Young, Senior Research Analyst & Business Reporter, Digital Commerce 360

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With the online shopping channel now being the only channel, brands and stores have to quickly roll out intelligent, personalized online shopping experiences that meet customer expectations – or risk losing them for good.

Register for the webinar to get answers from Mark Floisand, SVP Product & Industry Marketing at Coveo, to see how companies are dealing with this new reality by leveraging AI & data. You’ll learn how to:

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  • Enable shoppers to find, explore and buy products, intuitively.
  • Deliver personalized product and content recommendations for each shopper.
  • Balance the shopper’s experience with what makes business sense for you.

Register today.


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